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Corporate Criminal Liability In Mexico

The criminal justice system in Mexico is changing and corporations must be prepared to deal with unknown challenges in the Mexican business landscape. Since June, 2016 a new federal code for criminal proceedings has been adopted nation-wide with innovative features with respect of the criminal liability and sentencing of corporations. For first time, companies could […]

Mexican Justice System

New Criminal Justice System in Mexico

From June 19th, 2016, the criminal justice system in Mexico is shifting to fulfill humanitarian standards, expedite proceedings and correct institutional issues.

Timeshare Aid Mexico

Timeshare Aid Mexico

New Service Helps Canadian Snowbirds Fight Real Estate Fraud in Mexico Toronto-based MC Law Office takes aim at timeshare scams May 30th , 2016, TORONTO – Today the MC Law Office announced Timeshare Aid, a one-of-a-kind legal service to help Canadians fight real estate fraud in Mexico. The new legal service helps Torontonians who have […]

Mexican Lawyer in Toronto

Enforcing Canadian Documents in Mexico

Since 2007 we have been assisting Canadian to enforce their legal documents in Mexico, including birth certificates and powers of attorney, in a cost-effective way to save time and headaches.

Mexican lawyer

The Lure of Mexico

An interview of Mr. Luis Guillermo Cruz Rico by Arshy Mann was published on InHouse, a publication of Canadian Lawyer Magazine. The interview is part of the article “The Lure of Mexico”

Luis Guillermo Cruz Rico, Mexican Lawyer in Toronto.

OPD 20 Stories 20 Years

We are proud to share that our director’s journey has been featured in the 20 years 20 Stories series prepared by OPD to celebrate its anniversary