Dually-Qualified lawyer in Mexico and Canada

We do Mexican and Canadian Law

Two countries, four legal credentials and one goal: to assisting our clients to successfully navigating the legal systems of Mexico and Canada
Since 2014 Guillermo Cruz Rico is authorized to practice law in Ontario and before Federal courts and tribunals in Canada.
Lawyer in Good Standing
Lawyer in Good Standing
Since 2000, Guillermo Cruz Rico is a Lawyer in good standing authorized to practice law before State and Federal courts and tribunals in Mexico
Ontario – Mexico
Since 2007 Guillermo Cruz Rico has been authorized to provide legal services in accordance with the laws of Mexico in Ontario
Notary Public
Notary Public
Toronto Ontario
Since 2014 Guillermo Cruz Rico was appointed as Notary Public ny the Attorney General of Ontario

MC Law Office is the first law firm based in Toronto devoted to providing services in accordance with the laws of Mexico and Canada leaded by Guillermo Cruz Rico, dually-qualified lawyer in Mexico and Ontario authorized to practice law In both ends of North America.

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Dually-qualified lawyer in Mexico and Canada

Our firm is led by Guillermo Cruz Rico, a lawyer in good standing in Ontario and Mexico, foreign legal consultant and notary public. Mr. Cruz Rico 's professional experience in Mexico and Canada includes giving advice on corporate commercial transactions, immigration, including economic and humanitarian grounds and legal defence. Guillermo's education includes a law degree and Master in Crime Policy from UNAM, Mexico, a Master in Law from Osgoode Hall Law School and diplomas in ADR, Public Safety from prestigious institutions in Mexico and Canada. Since 2000 he has practiced law in Mexico; in 2007 he obtained his permit as foreign legal consultant and in 2014 he was called to the bar in Ontario

Dually-Qualified Lawyer in Mexico and Canada.

Advisory, Dispute Resolution and Legal Defence
Doing Business in Mexico

We advice clients about ways to conduct business in Mexico, form establishing a corporation, limited partnership or joint venture and we guide them through the process.

Timeshare Law and Real Estate

Do you have a timeshare hangover? or are you dealing with a property transaction? give us a call, we can help

Dispute Resolution and Defence

We assist our clients to resolve their legal needs in Mexico, including ADR, litigation and Defence against Federal and State Criminal offences.

Notary Public

We assist clients about formalities to be observed in Mexico to execute Canadian documents, including Powers of Attorney, certificates and court orders


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Fundada en 2014 MC Law Office es la única firma en Toronto que ofrece servicios legales de acuerdo a las leyes de ambos países y en Inglés y Español. Nuestros Servicios Nuestra pasión es servir a nuestros clientes, personas de negocios y profesionales, a navegar el sistema legal canadiense sin perderse en el intento; nuestros servicios incluyen soluciones en materia de migración, derecho comercial y de negocios, inversión y preservación de patrimonio, así como defensa legal ante juzgados y tribunales canadienses


Any consultation is on a hourly rate but we have designed some packages for our clients

Power of Attorney

General and Special Power of Attorney from


Timeshare Consultation

Consultation and Professionally drafted letter of cancellation from


Legal Defence

From helping to find the right local attorney to taking care of a defence in Mexico


Due Diligence for Property Closing

To review documentation in accordance with the laws of Mexico, from


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